Odenigbo Freiburg

Our Cultural group, Odenigbo Freiburg potrays the exotic cultural heritage of Ndigbo. Music which is an integral part of our culture is artistically being played with drums, wooden gongs, metal gongs, Bonga, flutes etc. and our diverse dance performances originate from all parts of Igbo-land. Music plays a vital role in our lives and dancing is a means of expressing our happiness and exhibiting our cultural inheritance. We derive immense joy from dancing.

This habit of finding joy and pacification in music is inculcated in us from early childhood when mamas and grannies in certain cases would croon beautiful tunes to pacify a child or to rock a baby to sleep. As adults, we still react joyfully to the sounds and rhythms of drums, gongs and flutes.Some of our intricate dance patterns are choreographed but others are not. In the later case, every performer has the liberty to dance to his own individual style and feeling. But at the end, the dancing patterns are expertly harmonized to satisfy the audience.

Our cultural dance group has always realized tokens from accepting invitation to perform in various occasions. The deeds realized from such outing is channeled towards assisting charity homes in Nigeria . To witness and enjoy our exhilarating dancing performances, all you need to do is invite us to your event or celebration.

We guarantee your satisfaction and that of your revered guests.