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Our Welfare to the less priviledged

Okija Leprosy Home

Most of the Charity and Motherless Homes in Nigeria have been neglated for several years from the entire community and the government in particular. Owing to this state of neglect, it has become practically impossible to run most of those charity homes.Naturally the basic needs of those disabled people or motherless babies should be taken care of by any responsible government but unfortunately that would not be the case here.

Our Cultural Group

Our Cultural group potrays the exotic cultural heritage of Ndigbo. Music which is an integral part of our culture is artistically being played with drums, wooden gongs, metal gongs, Bonga, flutes etc. and our diverse dance performances originate from all parts of Igbo-land. Music plays a vital role in our lives and dancing is a means of expressing our happiness and exhibiting our cultural inheritance. We derive immense joy from dancing.

Our Language Courses

Igbo community Union initiated in 2007 an igbo language course under the chairmanship of Mr Oscar Alison Aliukwu with good aims and objectives as to enable their sons and daughters to understand,speak and write the language of their forefathers effectively,to create awareness in the minds of these young ones of their heritage and the richness of the igbo culture in general, and to intergrate them fully into the norms, values and traditions of the igbo man.


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